Fuck Your Worries 🖕


— Our menu is obsessively crafted for hyperseasonality and furiously inspired by the generous terra of our shared sanctuary city —

B    O W   L    S

“Peasant Feast” – House fermented sorrels, housemade mustard seed vinegar, Lays® salt & vinegar crumble, mushed chickpeas, toasted sesame seed, black rice – $38

“Brokeback Downton” – Mijiu marinated seared chuck, duck fat fried LA river egg, house fermented tomatoes, fingerlings, toast points, malt vinegar, smoked cheddar curds, housemade tikki masala dressing, basmati rice – $42

“#Resistance” – Milk washed Hawaiian taro skins, microgreens, smoked goat labneh, seasonal nut gel, Bronson Canyon grass oils, cauliflower gnocchi, smashed mint, Anson Mills broken Carolina rice, gold flecks – $48

“New Salad Who Dis” – Anodized jidori jerk chicken, preserved lettuce strips, curdled applesauce, kale dust, lacto-avocado, radish cream, matured feta, lime zest, seasonal nut gel, white quinoa, agrodolce, meyer lemon skin. – $50
(Add poached egg – $9)

“Woké” – Kaffir lime marinated tender ahi, stone ground preserved garlic, bruised Persian cucumber, fermented ramps, ginger lime wasabi dust, toasted sesame seed, blackened nori, pickled red onion, cured daikon, powder – $58

T  OA  ST   S

— Local Echo Park Sourdough Loafs courtesy of Zel “Zelly” Marwell at Love Haters Bakery (Kickstarter soon) —

“Farmshit“ – Six hour soft scramble, “thuck”-cut bacon, new fingerling skin, whey – $22

“New Forrrrrest” – Paleo-inspired microgreens, lacto-avocado, smashed worn grains, seasonal nut gel, Aleppo pepper – $21

“Ash T.G.I.F.” – Burnt eggplant, charred green garlic, blackened nori, yogurt ash paste – $30
(Add singed egg – $9)

CAF  FE       E

— Our coffee program offers a single daily selection by 19 year-old Puck Ezzele  —

“Caffee” – A painfully constructed bean-to-barista concoction by Puck. Changes daily. – $14
(No substitutions allowed)

A  F        T  E    R

— A rotating curation harnessed by pastry chef Dominic Toretto —

38 Day Brownies // Bleu Bombolini // Salmon Skin Yogurt Cookies // Layered Harissa Walnut Tartine // Malted Banana Chive Shots // Fermented Communion Wafers

— House charcoal-filtered water is available complimentary for $6/person —

— Please note we charge a 37% Service Fee so our staff (WHITE AND OTHERWISE) can enjoy as good as health care as you. Sorry (Not Sorry). If you have a problem with this we will gladly give you your food for free because that’s really what you want, you trash. —