Fuck Your Worries 🖕

Our Story

Fuck Your Worries is about you.

F>Y>W> is the curious messed-up love child of seasoned French-Icelandic restauranteur J. Gainsbourg and beloved churlish pop-up chef Max Hurley Winowski.

F>Y>W> is Gainsbourg’s first foray into the United States, galvanized by Winowski’s youthful yet refined take on the Los Angeles dining scene. We demand that you forget everything you knew about what it means to “eat.” To ensure brazen equality, we will be implementing a randomized ticketing service, inspired by Winowski’s dream after seeing Elysian (2013).

F>Y>W> is bringing renewal and vibrancy to the desolate, run down, and undiscovered East Hollywood neighborhood. We love the cultural melting pot of our home and hope you’ll be open minded enough to appreciate it as we have.

— Soft Open December 2017. Grand Opening June 2021 —

— conttakt us at getreadyto@fuckyourworriesla.com —

– folllow us at @FuckYourWorries –

wood.  foraging. fermenting. burnt. local. seasonal. inclusive. equality. inventive. dynamic. thorough. 

— Please note we charge a 37% Service Fee so our staff (WHITE AND OTHERWISE) can enjoy as good as health care as you. Sorry (Not Sorry). If you have a problem with this we will gladly give you your food for free because that’s really what you want, you trash. —