Fuck Your Worries 🖕



Roses are red.
violets are blue.
Your worries are fucked.


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not  to get too politikalli, but we need to move beyond the postcards and the chants and the hats (sorry). I got broken up with four days before the inaguration because she couldn’t handle me (her words). And now I’m doing my part.

my artistry will be known as THE CUISINE  OF THE R ESISTANCE.

Get reaedy, is all we can say. we have been working on this forever.


wood. foraging. fermenting. local. seasonal. inclusive. inventive. dynamic. thorough.



— Please note we charge a 37% Service Fee so our staff (WHITE AND OTHERWISE) can enjoy as good as health care as you. Sorry (Not Sorry). If you have a problem with this we will gladly give you your food for free because that’s really what you want, you trash. —